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Let's create the best years of life

Our comprehensive program offers:

- Personalized Functional Reablement Program: Tailored to your specific needs, our program is designed to guide you toward a stronger, more active lifestyle.

- Independence Support: We help you regain confidence, reduce reliance on others, and maintain your independence in your own home for as long as possible.

- Health and Happiness: Our program focuses on improving strength and balance, leading to enhanced mental wellbeing.

- Social Connection: Through a combination of increased physical activity and social interaction, you'll have the opportunity to make new friends and experience joyful moments.

- Expert Guidance: Our team includes exercise physiologists and personal trainers who will gently guide your progress and offer support every step of the way.

Can I use my home care package funds at Avanti Health Centre?

Yes, you can. Please contact your Case Manager to verify if adequate funding is available. They will facilitate a referral from your GP, Physio, or Occupational Therapist to Avanti Health Centers for one of our Functional Reablement Programs.


Our commitment to you:

We are dedicated to addressing your specific care needs and goals and will maintain regular communication with you as these may evolve.

We will collaborate with you to ensure your ability to safely function at home on the findings from your ACAT assessment.

We will conduct regular reassessments to track your progress and will keep your Home Care Package Provider and referring clinicians updated on your development.

Example Programs for Home Care Package Recipients:

Standard Reablement Program 

  • 3 month Standard 

  • Initial Assessment and Exercise Orientation sessions

  • Unlimited use of the Exercise Facility for 3 months

  • Reassessment with Exercise Physiologist

  • Report 


Intensive Reablement Program

  • 3 month intensive 

  • Initial Assessment and Exercise Orientation sessions

  • Weekly Individual Exercise Session

  • Unlimited use of the Exercise Facility for 3 months

  • Reassessment with Exercise Physiologist

  • Report


6-month options are available on request.

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