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I attended the following Avanti Health Centre *
How long were you a member at Avanti Health Centres for *
How would you rate your experience of being respectfully greeted and addressed by staff
How would you rate Avanti Health Centres in relation to it being a welcoming and non-threatening environment *
How would you rate the usability of the equipment at Avanti Health Centres *
How would you rate the level of attention you recieve whilst training in our Centres from staff? *
How would you rate the sense of community at Avanti Health Centres? *
How would you rate your overall experience at Avanti Health Centres *
We are sad to see you leave us at Avanti Health Centres. Please let us know the reason why *
Are you planning to return to Avanti Health Centre? *

Thanks for helping us to improve Avanti Health Centres, if you requested contact please allow 1-2 business days for the team to reach out.

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