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Let's Create The Best Years of Your Life

Welcome to Avanti Health Centre, a dedicated facility designed to empower over 50s who have triumphed over cancer of any type.

Our mission is to help you thrive after your cancer journey by providing expert exercise guidance, state-of-the-art equipment, and a supportive community of like-minded individuals.

At Avanti, we understand that exercise is a powerful tool in the physical recovery and overall mental well-being of cancer survivors. 

That’s why we have assembled a team of expert accredited exercise physiologists who utilise exercise as medicine.

With their guidance, you’ll embark on a transformative 12-week program, “Thriving After Cancer Treatment Program.


Expert Support - World Class Facilities - Friendly Community

The Thriving After Cancer Treatment Program begins with a comprehensive one-hour health assessment to understand your unique needs and goals. We believe in a personalised approach, ensuring that every aspect of the program is tailored to your specific requirements. 

Following the assessment, you’ll have a one-hour exercise orientation, where our experts will introduce you to our state-of-the-art equipment and guide you through the exercises that will benefit you most. 

Throughout the program, you’ll have full access to our gym for three months, allowing you to establish a regular exercise routine and experience the wide range of benefits that it offers.  Our expert accredited exercise physiologists provide constant supervision and support on the gym floor.

Our facility boasts state-of-the-art equipment, carefully selected to support your recovery and help you regain strength, mobility, and overall fitness. 

You can feel confident knowing that you’re in a safe and welcoming environment, surrounded by a community of individuals who share a similar journey. 

After the Thriving After Cancer Treatment Program, you’ll go through a one-hour re-assessment which will give us a chance to measure and celebrate your achievements!  This session also gives us the chance to discuss maintaining your new-found confidence and strength and unlock some exclusive member offers.

You’ll be equipped with the tools and knowledge to continue your fitness journey and embrace a healthier, more fulfilling life. 


Why Move More?

The research is clear, exercise is medicine!

Our Accredited Exercise Physiologists are degree-qualified allied health professionals who understand the effects of cancer and its treatment on the body.

We believe in the power of evidence-backed information, and there is ample scientific research supporting the importance of exercise for cancer survivors.


 Regular physical activity has been shown to: 

  • Improve overall quality of life: Engaging in exercise can boost your mood, reduce fatigue, and enhance your emotional well-being. It’s a holistic approach to recovery that helps you regain control and confidence. 


  • Enhance physical functioning: Exercise improves cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, and flexibility. By gradually increasing your physical activity, you’ll regain endurance and improve your ability to perform daily tasks with ease. 


  • Reduce the risk of cancer recurrence: Research suggests that regular exercise can help lower the risk of cancer recurrence, as well as the risk of developing secondary cancers. It’s a proactive step towards protecting your long-term health. 


  • Alleviate treatment-related side effects: Many cancer treatments can lead to side effects such as fatigue, muscle weakness, and decreased bone density. Exercise has been shown to mitigate these effects, improving your overall strength and vitality. 

Are you ready to get started?

We invite you to join our vibrant community at Avanti Health Centre and take the first step towards recovering strongly after cancer treatment.  

Our 12-week program includes:

  • One hour initial health assessment which allows us to go through your medical history and set personal goals.

  • One hour exercise orientation to guide you through your tailored program.

  • One hour re-assessment at the end of your program so we can focus on your achievements.

  • Three-month unlimited gym access

  • Access to a range of education seminars and fun social events!

  • Constant guidance from our team of accredited exercise physiologists who are always on the gym floor for support.

The total cost for this program is $595.00.

If you have private health insurance rebates may be available. Talk to our team for more details.

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