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Do you have Osteoporosis or Osteopenia and have
been asked by your doctor to exercise?

Research has demonstrated that only a certain type of exercise improves bone health.


The ONERO™ bone health program is an evidence-based exercise programme designed specifically to prevent bone fractures by stimulating bone development and preventing falls in at-risk individuals. The exercise protocol is targeted specifically to increasing bone strength and balance.


Key elements of the program:


  • Targeted exercise for bone building through high-intensity resistance and impact training

  • Delivered by highly trained Exercise Physiologists or Exercise Scientists with Onero™ Coaching certification

  • Fully supervised ensuring appropriate exercise loads, techniques and rates of progression is applied

  • Just two sessions of 45mins required per week

  • Includes balance retraining for fall prevention

  • Excellent results can be achieved with and without medication for Osteoporosis

  • Private health rebates are available

What is an Onero (TM) class?

Onero (TM) is a group class that is led by one of our trained exercise physiologists. The hour-long class includes a range of exercises that focus on developing healthy bones that are conducted in a safe, and fun, environment.


How much does it cost and how do I get involved?

To begin your journey you must undergo a mandatory 30-minute assessment with one of our team, this is priced at $50.00. For individual class prices please contact your nearest centre.

If  you would like more information, complete your details below and one of our friendly team will be in touch

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