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“When it comes to bones we know exercise can benefit people throughout their life - by growing bigger stronger bones in childhood, improving bones throughout adulthood and preventing falls that can lead to fracture as we age."

- Professor Belinda Beck - ONERO Program Developer

Avanti Health Centre is proud to deliver the ONERO(TM) program through its network of Centres. The program is one of the world's leading bone health programs that supports those living with, or at risk of living, with osteoporosis. 

What is the Onero Program?

Research has demonstrated that only certain types of exercise improve bone health.

Onero (TM) is an osteoporosis treatment based on exercise designed specifically to prevent osteoporotic fracture by stimulating bone development and preventing falls in at-risk individuals.

One of the great features of Onero (TM) is that you don’t need to exercise five days a week. Research has found that just twice a week is enough to stimulate bone, improve muscle and help prevent falls. 


What will I be doing?

Onero (TM) is a group class that is led by one of our trained exercise physiologists. The hour long class includes a range of exercises that focus on developing healthy bones that are conducted in a safe, and fun, environment.


How much does it cost and how do I get involved?

To begin your journey you must undergo a mandatory 30-minute assessment with one of our team, this is priced at $50.00.


Please contact your closest Centre for class costs and rebates available.

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