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Veterans / DVA programs at Avanti Health Centre

  • Access for DVA participants to exercise classes is via a GP referral for a specific condition for White Card holders and any condition for Gold Card holders.

  • All participants must undergo an Initial Assessment completed by our Accredited Exercise Physiologists where attendance in the class format will be mutually agreed upon.

  • All participants for DVA exercise classes will undergo an initial Exercise Orientation where an exercise program will be explained.

  • DVA exercise class attendance will be booked as a block of 9 weekly sessions by Avanti Health Centre reception staff on completion of the Exercise Orientation session.

  • Any modification to exercise class bookings needs to be addressed to Avanti Health Centre reception staff.

  • DVA participants in exercise classes will be supervised by an Exercise Physiologist with a maximum ratio of 1:12.

  • Exercise Class sessions will run for 50 minutes of dedicated supervision.

  • The Exercise Physiologist will monitor exercise techniques and modify them as required.

  • Exercise classes are included in the count of 12 sessions per treatment cycle.

  • DVA Exercise Class treatment cycles will include the following:

    • Intake Assessment

    • Initial Exercise Orientation session

    • 9 x exercise class sessions

    • 1 x reassessment session

  • Clinical treatment notes will be completed by clinical exercise physiologists and a report will be forwarded to the referring GP.

Can I use the gym outside of my exercise classes?

At Avanti Health Centre, we want to give all veterans the best possible opportunity to create a positive change in their health. We want to be your lifelong partners in maintaining a better quality of life.  To do this we are offering complimentary gym access which will work alongside your DVA-supported class sessions.

How will this work?

DVA participants will be offered a one-off complimentary 2-month membership at Avanti alongside their attendance at their initial DVA exercise class block.

During these 2 months, DVA participants will be permitted to use the Avanti Health Centre gym as frequently as desired!

On completion of the 2-month membership period, the membership will continue and the participant charged as per the Silver Flexible Membership terms, unless you formally request to cancel the membership.

DVA participants may cancel their membership at the reception of their centre.

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